The Old Town

The old town of Novi and its narrow streets steeped in history reflect the permanence and connectedness of people’s lives. Take a journey through time: passing through the Small Gate, one of the entrances to the Old Town with its sturdy stone houses, along a network of winding alleys leading to the Parish Church of St Philip and James. This is the former cathedral church of the Modruš or Krbava Diocese (1493-1969), characterised by its richly decorated interior and distinctive white bell tower – a well-known townscape as seen on numerous picture postcards.
On the square opposite the church is the bishop’s residence. It was built in the mid-15th century and renovated in the 18th by Bishop Ivan Krstitelj Ježić. In the past, the building was the residence of every bishop of Modruš or Krbava. Its Baroque facade is divided into horizontal and vertical fields with shallow palmette ornaments and it has a sundial. Before you continue your journey, stop for a moment and enjoy the beautiful view of Marina Novi and the coast.
Losing yourself in the narrow stone streets, you will come across Uglić, the narrowest street in Novi Vinodolski. It is only 30 metres long and 90 centimetres wide. We are sure that you will also enjoy the abundance of colours on the old town centre doors.
There is also the Church of the Holy Trinity (Svete Trojice) with its valuable sacred collection, then the Frankopan castle with its Kvadrac tower – the place where the Law Code of Vinodol Law was issued, one of Croatia’s most important cultural monuments and also a major mediaeval European document – as well as many smaller chapels and other important historical buildings.
Take a walk through the picturesque narrow streets of the Old Town and explore the rich history of this area.

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