Online payment of tourist tax for vessel owners or users

The allows boat owners and users to pay their tourist tax online. As of 2021, the portal is the only way to pay the tourist tax in nautical tourism.

The portal is available in 11 languages, guiding users through the process of registration and payment of tourist tax in a straightforward and clear way. It supports payments through all of the world's leading card brands. After paying the tourist tax, the boater receives a confirmation to their email address, which they must keep for the duration of their stay aboard the vessel. In addition to card payment, payment by bank transfer is also possible.
In accordance with the Tourist Tax Act, boaters can pay the tourist tax according to the length of the vessel or according to the number of persons and the number of nights.
Basic information on how to pay the tourist tax can be found on an informational brochure, which also contains brief instructions for using the portal and a QR code that redirects the user to the application page.


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