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Jaegermeister Adriatic Tour - Frankopanski trg
Event date: 30. 07. 2014., 20:00 o'clock ...
Croatian evening
31. 07. 2014. - 20,00 o'clock, Vrtić ...
Poet evening
Event date 31. 07. 2014. - 20,00 o'clock Srića's house ...
Music evening
Event date: 01. 08. 2014. at 21,00 o'clock. ...

Every Saturday from 18,00 - 20,00 o'clock at Celestial labyrinths.

The Wine Rose of Vinodol

Event date 14. - 16. 08. 2014.
There is a story retained among the population of the Vinodol district and Novi Vinodolski about a custom that allegedly dates back to the past centuries, more precisely to the times of the rule of the Frankopan family. According to this story, a rose used to be elected in the vineyard at the end of every grape harvest - the most beautiful and industrious girl among the harvesters. She would be crowned with a vine garland and taken to town, heading a procession of harvesters, accompanied by the music played on some of the old folk instruments. The last time this custom was practised, according to the chronicles, was in the XIX century, in the year 1880.