Celestial Labyrinths

Celestial labyrinths are connected to astronomical and cosmic patterns. Their presence has a positive effect on the entire environment and creates balance in the Earth. People use labyrinths as a means of returning to their self or exploring their place under the Sun. Frequent walks through labyrinths encourage positive changes at all levels, help improve physical and health problems, relationships with other people, psychological problems, and business and material relations.   


An 800-metre-long walking trail features ten celestial labyrinths, some of which are incorporated into karst dolines, while others are arranged on slopes offering magnificent views of Novi Vinodolski, the Vinodol Channel and the island of Krk.

Take a walk through the labyrinth of love and creativity, the labyrinths of freedom, transformation, life, emotions, power, energy, connection and wisdom, and Ganesh’s labyrinth, and stimulate positive change in yourself.

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