Under The Stars Opera - Tomislav Mužek and band

Under The Stars Opera - Tomislav Mužek and band

Event: Under The Stars Opera - Tomislav Mužek and band
Date: 13th of August 2020
Location: Mitan Marina
Everything but the opera!
"The world renown and praised Croatian tenor, is coming to Novi Vinodolski with an unexpected repertoire after performing on the opera stages of Milan's Scala, Bayreuth, Dresden, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Florence and Tokyo. Everything but the opera!"
Tomislav Mužek will perform in the magical ambience of Mitan Marina on August 13th, accompanied by Miroslav Lesić on guitar, Tomislav Modrić on piano and Mladen Kosovac on accordion and clarinet. At the concert, Mužek & Trio will perform a combination of Italian canzones, classics and hits by Eric Clapton, Sting and Arsen Dedić.
The trio consists of top musicians: guitarist, composer, producer, arranger and sound engineer Miroslav Lesić; Tomislav Modrić, pianist, piano teacher, producer, composer and arranger, and Mladen Kosovec, accordionist and clarinetist, among others, and a member of the Tango ensemble Appassionato.

The ticket price will be 100 kn.

Optional with ticket: 150 kn dinner (1 meat or 1 fish menu) - reservation required in advance on phone number +385.51.627.762

Izložba fotografija polaznika fotoradionice

Izložba fotografija polaznika fotoradionice "Svijet u bojama"

Mjesto: TIC Novi Vinodolski
Datum: 16.09. - 15.10.2020.
Vrijeme: Izložba je otvorena od ponedjeljka do petka od 08:00 do 15:00 sati ...

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