Wind Rose of the small island of St Marin

Only 205 metres from the coast, situated in front of Novi Vinodolski, lies the islet of San Marino, an unmissable destination for all visitors to the Novi Vinodolski Riviera.


In the past, the islet was used by fishermen for tuna fishing, and today the tunera tuna lookout post is a reminder of the area’s rich fishing history. Take a walk along the attractive paths around the islet and have a rest on one of the eight benches that feature the local names of the winds of this area. Sail with them – we wish you calm seas wherever you go.


The islet features the distinctive small church of St Marinus, which dates back to the Gothic period. The church blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape and has become a symbol of the town. On a stone inscription from the 3rd or 4th century that was discovered on the island, the name of the Roman Empress Helena is mentioned.


With its romantic setting, the island represents an ideal location to exchange vows of love and marriage. The island can host wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions for up to 150 people. To be on the island means to feel the wind in your hair, to take in the scent of the sea, to listen to the sound of the waves, and to admire the breathtaking view of the old Gothic church.


If you long for the silence of the sea and the charm of an island, then the islet of San Marino is the right choice for you!

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