Panoramic Flights Croatia

Discover the beauty of Novi Vinodolski from above! 
Flying. An activity that provides us with a sense of freedom and evokes deep admiration for the nature that surrounds us…
Awaken the explorer within and give yourself an unforgettable experience of the panoramic flight! Depart from the nearby Grobnik airport and discover the beauty of Novi Vinodolski and this part of Croatia from a bird's perspective… 
The route begins with magnificent views on the Grobnik field, Platak and the city of Rijeka, following the views of the beautiful islands of Krk and Cres. You will fly between the mighty mountains of Gorski Kotar and the magical beaches of the Crikvenica Riviera, while the peaks of Northern Velebit will start to open right in front of your eyes. Vinodol Valley will reward you with its endless greenery and charming vineyards, while views of the island of San Marino, Old city of Novi Vinodolski and its Frankopan castle will take you to some other times.
Whether you want to explore the beauty of Croatia from above or simply fly to all nearby Croatian and European destinations, Panoramic Flights Croatia, the first Croatian flight sharing platform, will take you wherever you need to get.  
Information and reservations:
Panoramic Flights Croatia, panoramic and taxi flights
tel: 00385916343-811

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