Did you know…

...that the Law Code of Vinodol, the oldest fully preserved record of customary law written in the Croatian language, was signed in the Frankopan Castle in Novi Vinodolski?
...that Ivan Mažuranić, the first commoner Croatian ban, was born in Novi Vinodolski? 
...that in 1995, the Croatian Institute for Human Rights, today the Croatian Centre for Human Rights Novi Vinodolski, the only one of its kind in Croatia, was founded in the City Hall in Novi Vinodolski? 
...that Novi Vinodolski Carnival (Novljanski Mesopust) was declared an intangible cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia in 2011?
…that a public water supply system was built on the sea coast in Žrnovnica Cove, providing high-quality drinking water of mild hardness at a constant temperature of 8 °C?
...that only 205 metres from the eastern coast of Novi Vinodolski is the islet of San Marino, with a small church of St Marinus dating back to the early Gothic period?
...that above Sibinj begins the Degenia Hiking Trail, where you can find degenia, a strictly protected plant species that was pictured on the old Croatian 50 lipa coin?
...that the Croatian writer August Šenoa was inspired by Ledenice Fort to write the novel Čuvaj se senjske ruke (‘Pirates of Senj’) about the Uskoks and the epic poem Kugina kuća (‘The Plague House’)?
...that on a plateau only 140 m from Ledenice Fort, there is a perfectly round cemetery enclosed by a perfectly round dry stone wall with a 35 m diameter?
...that in the village of Omar, in the area of Luka Krmpotska, is the Glass Chapel, a unique example of a sacred structure built solely from glass and metal?
...that there are about 30 small churches and chapels in the Novi Vinodolski area?
... that in the centre of Klenovica, a monument to the Fisherman and the Sea was erected to honour a fisherman who had saved many human lives from stormy seas?
...that the film project Winettou Saga was filmed in the hinterland of Novi Vinodolski in the village of Breze, which featured a ‘Native American village’?
...that a scion of the oldest grapevine in the world (the Maribor vine) was planted in the centre of Novi Vinodolski right next to our indigenous Žlahtina variety?
...that starting from Novi Vinodolski or its surroundings, you can enjoy the sea and skiing in the same day?
...that more a hundred events are organised in the area of the Town of Novi Vinodolski each year?

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